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first to the top of Little Hope, 09 free Heal Fest.

Tele Fest 2009, Results

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Tele Fest 2009, Results

1st. Andrew Busse
2nd. Will Busse
3rd. Adam McMahon

1st. Elise Fowlkers
2nd. Jeremy McMahon
3rd. Shane Zigenbine

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tele Fest

Tele fest is back it is happening this time it's on february 21, 2009 at Mystic Miner at Deer Mountain. Register by 10:30, meeting at 10:45 at the start. climb up ski down. Intermediate course will follow the ridge and drop down climb to the top of racers. The advanced course will climb up cross the sumit road ski the back side, climb back up and follow the intermediate course from there.
Food, more skiing, prizes and music of Red Garlic will follow